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Pilasters from Styrofoam can be seen in many interiors and styles nowadays. Pilasters are a unique imitation, a flat patch on the wall, which creates the illusion of a post sticking out of the wall. The pilasters copy columns almost in everything; it has a base, a main body and a capital. The main difference is that they are only decorative and cannot serve as a support.

With the help of pilasters from Styrofoam the modern designers solve a few problems at the same time. First of all, these elements help to visually make too wide walls narrower. Secondly, the pilasters give the interior a more interesting and not boring look. And finally, with these elements you can make a border between two rooms; divide the living room and the kitchen or the hall and the dining room.

Name 1 2 3 4
Capital 330x160x46 330x160x46 185x205x55 140x225x55
Wall pier 2000x200x20 2000x200x20 2000x135x20 2000x200x20
Foot 540x230x35 540x230x35 610x235x65 610x230x65
Колонна: База 1, Корпус 1, Капитель 1
Колонна: База 2, Корпус 2, Капитель 2
Колонна: База 3, Корпус 3, Капитель 3
Колонна: База 4, Корпус 4, Капитель 4

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