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Our rules

In our work we have these rules:

  • Product quality. Our products are made of high quality primary products with modern technologies and have high density and refined surface

  • Price. A unique ratio for Russian market “price-quality”: our products aren’t worse than analogs from polyurethane by quality and are much cheaper

  • Wide assortment. We always develop new actual designs, which satisfy any buyer. The assortment of our products include as traditional, tested by time designs, as well as new unique models, developed by our designers

  • Modern technologies. The permanent control of quality and continuous work for upgrading the technology of the production and for refining the characteristics of the present models makes us unique. Besides, our products are individually packed, have identical numbers and barcode

  • Excellent service. Our managers will receive and process your order very fast, taking in count your individual wishes, so you will receive it in time and in full content (in minimum time).

  • Individual approach. Taking in count the individual specialties and your own preferences is the key aspect for our partnership. In this way we can found a long-time and productive partnership

  • Professionalism. We approach every task professionally and are ready to share our experience with our partners

  • Reputation. We have recommended ourselves as a responsive and honest company and we know the price of our good reputation.

  • Training and care of coworkers. We take care of our coworkers and give them an opportunity of rise in the career and always make courses for their training.

  • Care for environment. We try to make the harm to the environment minimal and are attentive to the health of our coworkers.

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