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From ancient times people always wanted to decorate their place. The pictures on the stones in the Stone Age can be considered as the first decorations. Even after decades the moldings still take a huge part in decorations and are still actual. They always get refined and new decorations are being invented with new materials and paints. The modern technologies let us get rid of stone, wood and gypsum, which are hard to produce and mount. They were replaced by Styrofoam, which is lighter and easier to use.

Penopolistirol (Styrofoam) is an ecologically pure product, which is being used in buildings for already more than 40 years. It has very high thermal insulation and can handle any temperatures not depended on climatic conditions. The main preferences are:

1. Ecological pureness.

2. Temperature resistance.

3. Absolute water resistance.

4. Longevity.

5. Easiness in installation.

Styrofoam with its properties isn’t worse than polyurethane. It has all the good sides and is a cheaper material for making ceiling moldings.

With the help of high-precision decoration matrixes of company Michel (Germany), we make accurate and expressive decorations, which visually don’t differ from the classic models from gypsum. The technology in-mould skinning helps to make the consumption of steam minimum and the time of production shorter. Because of this the prime cost gets low too. The injection ceiling moldings under the trademark of Glanzepol can be used in any style, beginning from traditional classics and up to modern and high-tech styles. Another privilege of these moldings is that they can visually make your room look higher or lower. The use of this kind of decorations in your interior makes it feel rich, abundant and luxurious. The collection of ceiling moldings under the trademark of Glanzepol doesn’t have analogs from other manufacturers. Moldings from Penopolistirol (Styrofoam):

  1. Don’t change shape during years.
  2. Keep their color with time.
  3. Don’t rot.
  4. Can be easily painted.

Injection ceiling moldings of company Glanzepol are a not expensive way to decorate an interior. With its help any place of yours will look stylish, comfortable and attractive. The technology of our production helps us to make high durability and quality moldings and company “Penopol” has a good reputation among partners and clients. We always take in count the new designs and deeply study them, so we can invent new decorations. And we are not planning to stop there.

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